What you can do in Boston

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Boston is such a wonderful city with a lot of history attached to it. It is one of the best cities of America. There are so many attractions in Boston a person can do that are free, and some pretty close to free. There are things like the Freedom Trail, to shopping, and many parks and museums. You can do so many things for free in Boston, and learn the history behind it and the culture that goes with it. We will go over all the best things to see when you visit Boston.

There are many different types of parks available to see in Boston. One of the most popular one is the Boston Spray Pool. This is a free mini pool with for anyone who wants to cool down. They also offer puppet shows, yoga, and a wonderful café to enjoy a tasty snack. There is also the Public Garden, and made as Americas first Public Park. They offer over 50 different types of plants, and designed to show you the culture that was there when the park was first made. The best part is you can enjoy a swan boat ride either during the day or at night for a nice romantic time in the park. The last and one of the best places is the Frog Pond Skating. This place offers you Ice Skating at its best. They offer skating clubs, and lesion on how to ice skate, or just come for two dollars and enjoy a night in the winter or ice skating and music.

One of the most popular places to visit is the Freedom Trail. This trail offers over two centuries of sites that show the past of America. This trail can take well over a day to fully do if you want to look at each sit and each piece of history. You can choose to walk the trail on your own if you prefer to do so or you can have a guided trail which you will be given all information on each site. If you can’t walk, or choose not to, you can also pay for a ride known as a trolley tour, which are unofficial guided tours and do allow you to stop at certain sites and explore. Boston also offers its visitors many different types of shows to attend. Some of these include The Boston Symphony Orchestra, who has performed throughout the world. You can also enjoy entertainment at the Boston Opera House or even the Boston Colonial Theatre which offer shows almost nightly.

Aside from the shows, parks and trails, Boston also offers a range of museums to enjoy. The most famous museum in Boston is the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. This place will take you back in time to the revolutionary days. Shows you what happened at the tea party, and even has thing you can interact with. The best part of all, you get to reenact the Boston Tea Party. You get to learn more about Americans history and our four fathers, and have the best time of your life doing it. So, no matter where you go, what boat you hop on, Boston is one of the best places to go for not only yourself, but for your whole family as well.