The Beachfront Hotels of Pacific Beach, California

If you are looking for a classic beach vacation and want to try something other than Florida or the Caribbean this year, check out what Pacific Beach, California has to offer. Pacific Beach offers the traditional beach vacation year round in sunny, Southern California and is the ideal place to go if you are looking for a complete change of scenery and a departure from hurricane season and the unpredictability that winter weather can offer.

Pacific Beach offers travelers incredible white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water. This beach town is all about sun, surf and relaxing and any beach bum will feel right at home basking in the sun and enjoying everything that this area has to offer.

If you are considering booking a trip to Pacific Beach, know that there are a variety of beachfront hotels San Diego has to offer. Whether you are looking for a private condo or villa or prefer a big, all inclusive resort, know that Pacific Beach has a hotel to fit your specific tastes.

In recent years there have been a variety of new hotels that have opened up in Pacific Beach. One of the most popular has been Tower 23 which is San Diego’s only luxury, lifestyle hotel right on the beach. It has modern design and has been recognized as one of the most sought after hotels in Southern California.

Another great hotel and one that is particularly popular amongst visitors is the Ocean Park Inn. This fantastic hotel is conveniently situated right on the Pacific Beach boardwalk. This hotel is 100% non-smoking and besides for having great beach access it also gives guests the ability to visit a number of local San Diego attractions, including Sea World, San Diego Zoo and downtown San Diego. Additionally, this resort is only minutes from San Diego International Airport.

If you are looking for a smaller hotel that provides a more personal touch, look into the Diamond Head Inn. This small, boutique hotel has twenty one rooms and is completely non-smoking. In addition, the Diamond Head Inn has led the way as a champion for the environment and the property has been transformed in recent years to become “green” in their operations.

When you book at any Pacific Beach hotel you are given the opportunity to take advantage of any number of beach activities.

Pacific Beach is home to prime surfing and waves are always on hand year round to play in. In addition, beach goers have the opportunity to kayak, windsurf, horseback ride, rollerblade and bird watch as well as hike any number of nature trails that the area is known for.

Pacific Beach truly is an outdoor lover’s paradise and the laid back California culture is sure to satisfy a traveler who has been looking for something different when booking their beach vacation.

There are a variety of resources online to help you plan your Pacific Beach vacation. Keep in mind that anytime is a great time to come to Pacific Beach, California.

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