New York on a Winter’s day

New York City Skyline in Sunset

It’s easy to fall in love with New York at any time of year, but it is perhaps at its most beautiful in winter.  When the snow is often thick underfoot, icicles hang down from trees and store signs, and frost glitters on the glass, the city has a fairy tale quality that makes visitors feel as if anything could happen.  This is a wonderful time to explore.  Though the weather can be an issue and some things become more difficult to access, there’s still no shortage of things to see or ways to see them in this remarkable place.

Take in the view from the Empire State Building

Wind and snowstorms in winter can be unpredictable so it’s not the best time for a helicopter tour, but that doesn’t mean visitors need to miss out on spectacular city views.  The Empire State Building is open all year round and from the observation deck on the 86th floor it’s possible to see right across the city, with the Hudson and the stately East River rolling through it and Central Park to the north.  Cleared roads form a striking black grid between snow-capped buildings and the clear winter skies are perfect for photographers.  There’s also a lot to enjoy about the building itself, from its magnificent art deco exterior to its splendid entrance lobby – all polished marble and shimmering bronze.

Explore the Museum of Modern Art

One of the greatest museums in America, MoMA, as it is colloquially known, boasts treasures from both the old world and the new and is an easy place to misplace a day.  You can find work by Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso all the way through to Kahlo, Pollock and Warhol.  There’s a library with over 300,000 books and there are new events and exhibitions all the time, so one can never be sure quite what one will find.

Chill out in Central Park

Central Park takes on a whole new character in winter, with sporting events, puppet shows and the Pride of New York Winter Market (which sells delicious hot drinks for the weary).  There are several different rinks to go ice skating on and it’s also well worth visiting the zoo, where cold-loving animals like snow leopards and polar bears are at their most active.  The park itself is never more marvelous to look at, the perfect place for a stroll.

See a Broadway show

When the sun goes down and the cold really starts to bite, the bright lights of Broadway seem more welcoming than ever, beckoning visitors into a dazzling world of make believe.  Some of the world’s most famous productions run there year after year and savvy online booking can make it possible to get tickets at very affordable prices.

Getting around

Good for buses and the subway, a Metrocard makes getting around easy for visitors using public transport, but there are times when hiring a car is the most practical option.  Additionally, there are the city’s famous yellow cabs.