Is Loss of Mobility Affecting Your Travel Life?

Living with arthritis or other health issues that affect mobility may seem pretty doable most days when you are at home. After all, you’ve got a routine. There are things you don’t even try anymore because you know what it will cost you later if you overdo it. You’ve made modifications to help you get things done around the house. Plus, if you’re having a flare up, you can take it easy. But all that changes when you are on the road (or in the air). You can’t ask the pilot to pull the plane over so you can get out and stretch your legs.

Here are some tips to help you travel with greater ease:

Test out your current mobility level by taking a short road trip

You’ll find out pretty quickly what activities you still enjoy and which ones you need to avoid in unfamiliar surroundings. This will help you plan your longer vacation in a location with the kind of amenities you need. That might include ramps and elevators instead of stairs, shuttle service to and from various attractions, and rentable scooters for days when long distance walking isn’t an option.

Bring or Rent Assistive Devices

If the difference between being stuck at home and taking a long anticipated vacation is the occasional use of a cane or a walker with a seat, it’s time to get comfortable with using a mobility aid. Sure, it will make you look your age, but having a blast on vacation just might make you feel young again. Bring your own seat cushion to use in any plane, train or automobile to ease your aching back and hips. Have some extra fun decorating and personalizing the tools you use to help you get around.

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