How To Take a Smart Spring Break

Spring break is one of the most popular travel times of the year for the teen and young adult crowd. It can also be a rowdy and scary time if you’re not used to going a little wild. The key to having a good time is making memories with no regrets (and without blacking out). Here are a few tips for first timers:

  • You’re only as smart as the company you keep. Travel with friends you trust – the ones who have good judgment but still know how to have a good time. It’s easy to become unmoored from your usual behavior patterns when you’re in a strange place unless you have someone with you from your “normal life”.
  • Make written agreements with your friends. Setting up guidelines in advance for who will be a designated driver, a code word to use if a friend starts getting out of control, and other safety measures is important. If you put these things in writing, you are more likely to remember them in the midst of a party situation.
  • Take the law seriously. Police officers in spring break towns (whether in the US or Mexico) aren’t going to cut you slack for being young and foolish. Fighting, drunk driving, lighting up a joint, and being intoxicated in public can still get you arrested.
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