Great Christmas Travel Destinations

As a follow up to last week’s post about taking a Christmas vacation, where would you actually travel on this holiday jaunt? The more exotic the location, the more memorable your trip will be. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to really think outside the US box for your Yuletide vacation:

Dominican Republic

This location has the charm and climate of the Caribbean and much less expensive prices than Hawaii. During the Christmas season, you can expect temperatures to remain at about 65 degrees. These folk take Christmas truly to heart, apparently turning it into a 3 month long celebration with fireworks, parades, and other lively activities. You’ll recognize many of the traditions with a slight twist. For example, citizens in the Dominican Republic have their own version of “Secret Santa” called “Un Angelito”.


There are so many great destinations on this massive continent that it’s not possible to list them all. You can visit a populous tourist destination like Cape Town or trudge through the lonely Serengeti looking for big game (but not shooting any). Christmas isn’t yet a truly peak travel time for tourism to most African countries, so you won’t experience the crowding and frenetic pace of more established destinations. Christmas is celebrated in Christian communities all across Africa – but the focus is more on spiritual celebration, good food, and family than on giving and receiving lots of presents.


This is the place to go if you want to party all the way through New Year’s. The clubs in Kuala Lumpur are hopping and the malls and restaurants are all open. Christmas here is non-traditional and very modern. Not surprising in a place where the old and the new rub shoulders in every area from architecture to cultures and languages. This location gives you access to beaches, jungles, skyscrapers, temples, and much more for a busy week of sightseeing. Yes, December is part of the rainy season here, but it’s reportedly a lot like Louisiana. You get rain for about an hour in the afternoon rather than a deluge that goes on for days.

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