3 Reasons to Go On a Real Christmas Vacation

Christmas is a time traditionally spent with family. Many people travel hundreds of miles to reunite with loved ones during the holidays. But not every Christmas vacation has to revolve around being with people who share your DNA. Here are 3 great reasons to head out on your own this Christmas:

  1. Less stress. Not everyone has a happy Bob Cratchit family life. If you would rather be going anywhere rather than home for the holidays, being out of town is a good excuse to get away from people who know you a little too well.
  2. You won’t seem lonely. If you’re the single person that everyone invites to their Christmas dinner out of pity, show them that it’s great to be free. Everyone will stop feeling sorry for you when they find out you are taking a trip to New Zealand or a cruise in the Bahamas for Christmas.
  3. You can make new memories. Christmas is celebrated in many, many countries around the globe. Each one has its own way of making the season bright. You could find brand new traditions to pass down to your kids along with the story of the Christmas when you flew around the world – just like Santa’s sleigh.
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