3 Christmas Travel Tips

Are you planning to hit the road this holiday season to go see far away family or enjoy a winter resort? 42.5 million Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving this year according to AAA – with predictable results in road congestion. Christmas will be another high-volume travel period. Here are just a few tips to help you get where you’re going on your December trip:

  1. Travel Warm

If your vehicle breaks down, nighttime temperatures can quickly pose a threat to your life and health. Keeping the car heater on will only work for a while (and is dangerous if the tailpipe gets blocked by snow). Be sure to pack extra warm clothing, blankets, food, and water in your car in the event of an emergency.

  1. Don’t Rely Solely on Technology

Onboard GPS and cell phones are very useful, but everyone in your party should know the full travel plan and have paper copies of maps or driving directions just in case. Write down all important contact numbers as well instead of relying on speed dial. That way, if your gadgets aren’t working, you can still make sure everyone arrives at their destination.

  1. Hide Valuables

Is the back seat of your car stacked with gifts in bright wrapping paper? That’s an invitation for thieves to break a window and grab what they can while you are in the gas station bathroom. Store presents in the trunk, inside luggage, or under blankets so they aren’t readily visible.

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