What’s On Your January Shopping List?

MSN has a great list of the best things to buy in January. This includes electronics (from online stores), winter apparel, and furniture. Retailers are getting rid of old stock to make way for new items. Plus, they need to start the year strong after the post-Christmas sales slump. Buying a new coat for next year is on my to-do list since both mine have seen almost a decade of wear (Hey, it’s Texas and I really have to justify buying a new coat). Here are my top picks to try for under $200:

Double Cloth Metro

This J. Crew piece is Italian wool – and it’s eggplant hued. It’s like someone dipped a sheep in purple dye! The cut is slimming even though the coat is fully lined. Even better, the knee length cut lets you show off your winter boots.

Pink Trench

Inspector Clouseau wore a pale khaki trench coat. But this revamped version from Banana Republic is the color of the Pink Panther. With a mid-thigh length it won’t overpower a petite figure, while the belted waist cinches any woman into an instant hourglass shape.

Cord Sherpa Trucker Jacket

This Levi jacket will still be comfy to wear in March. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the color isn’t actually light fawn. It’s blush…the very palest pink that belies the boyish cut and corduroy fabric. The fleecy lining at the color frames your face while the waist length cut lets you make a fashion statement with layered shirt tails underneath.

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