Surf Clothing That Gives Back

surf clothing
Anyone familiar with the action sports clothing industry knows that there are a plethora of competitors out there. From Quicksilver to RVCA to Hurley and Billabong, how should one choose which to wear and which to leave on the rack at the store? Since most of this type of apparel looks and feels roughly the same I suggest looking at what else the company does besides simply selling clothing.

As you might be aware, more and more companies are becoming socially conscious and incorporating giving back into their business models. While this trend may seem like a new fad, there were a few companies that pioneered the revolution a while back. The company that started this trend in the action sports apparel space is Jedidiah Clothing. Since the year 2000, Jedidiah has been aiding humanitarian organizations across the globe through sales of surf clothing and other apparel. Though the styles have changed over the years, their focus of using apparel sales as a vehicle to provide care, support and financial resources to those in need has stayed constant.

Each season, Jedidiah partners with a different nonprofit and sales from that season help to complete a specific project for that organization. Whether it be building a homeless center or sending kids to college, the projects Jedidiah works toward are both ambitious and inspirational.

This season, all sales benefit the nonprofit Invisible Children in rebuilding war-torn schools in Northern Uganda. While you may not have time to go to Africa, every purchase you make at the Jedidiah Clothing Online Store directly helps the children in Northern Uganda by giving them a place to learn.

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