Shoe Shopping for the Cankle Crowd

In a world that is sometimes unfair, all women should be able to count on one thing – being able to find cute shoes. But for women with less than perfectly tapered ankles, a love affair with shoes is fraught with disappointment. How do you draw attention to your feet and legs without putting the focus on this “problem area”?

Cover the Ankle

A boot style that covers your ankle while still accentuating the muscle of your calf is ideal. Some gals swear by cowboy boots. Others like a low, slouched ankle boot paired with colorful tights and a short skirt to create vibrant distraction. Stay away from straps around your ankles (say “no” to gladiator sandals).

Add a Little Height

You don’t have to wear stiletto heels to add a little more shape to your lower legs. Just a 2 inch heel can still make your calf muscle pop out enough to make your ankle look slimmer by comparison. Kitten heels look dainty and are great for spring and summer. Sling back pumps are also a good choice. Avoid super-spindly heels since they won’t look well-proportioned for your legs. A wedge pump could look great.

Show More Foot

This trick works with either a flat or a pump. The upper part of the shoe that covers your toes and goes up the front of your foot is called the vamp. It should be low cut to show as much of your foot as possible (without showing toe cleavage). This makes your leg look longer by creating an unbroken, tapered line down your shin and along the top of your foot. Stay away from Mary Jane styles since the horizontal line across your foot can make it appear wider.

Note: Thanks to Flickr user Ursonate for the CC licensed image. She doesn’t actually have cankles, but this photo is a great example of style choices that can make you LOOK LIKE YOU DO!

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