LCD Lift For Your TV – Why Pop-Up is Best

LCD Lift

TV lifts were designed to hide big screen LCD TVs safely out of sight, when not in use. This innovation has actually taken the market by storm and furniture manufactured specially for this purpose is all the rage. As with everything that man invents, there is a vast array of products on the market to choose from.

However, there are some advantages to choosing the pop-up model and a few tips on how to select a good one are given below for your information.

An LCD lift that makes use of the rack and pinion style lift operated by remote control is really one of the best options available. This system will provide smooth, quiet operation of the lift and has the added advantage of being highly durable.

Always buy from a reputed dealer; you want your LCD lift to pop-up up with ease, be strong enough to hold your TV and remain long lasting to boot. Don’t buy from friends or family members who practice wood working and make you feel obligated about buying from them. We recommend Nexus 21 for your TV lift mechanism, they make extremely high-quality lifts right here in the United States.

The design of the pop up lift has to be precisely made and installed, with safety as the foremost concern – you don’t want your expensive TV to fall and break! Companies with longstanding experience and a database of satisfied customers is your best bet. May be you will pay more but it is worth it if you get many years worth of viewing using the same pop-up TV lift.

Visit the company website to study their history, technology used, innovations and products. Check review sites to read up on the product you are interested in and also visit forums to discuss the product. This really is one of the best ways to get reliable information.

Don’t forget to make sure that the LCD lift cabinet you buy will hold all of your equipment in one neat and tidy unit. The unit and lift should be easy to assemble and operate.
Once you install your TV lift you can rest easy, your expensive LCD TV is safely housed in a pop-up lift cabinet and it cannot get bumped or spilled on.

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