It’s March. Time to Pack Your Freezer

If you think Valentine’s Day is all about cheap commercialism, just wait until you hear what we’re supposed to celebrate in March: National Frozen Food Month. Yep, that’s right. A whole month devoted to the stuff you stash in your freezer. National Ice Cream Month is probably something we could all get behind. But it’s a little difficult to get excited about frozen peas. Nevertheless, this is a good time to stock up on frozen foods. Manufacturer coupons are going to be popping up everywhere you look.

Before you head to the freezer aisle to start a buying frenzy, visit the USDA website. It provides you with valuable information on freezing foods the right way. You may want to check the temperature on your freezer and make sure it really is cold enough to preserve your food. If it is, you can store food pretty much indefinitely. However, food does start to deteriorate in quality the longer it is kept at Arctic temps. See the chart at the end of this web page to find out the recommended storage times for best flavor and texture. Then, only buy and store what you plan to eat in a reasonable time frame.

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