Do You Wish for MICHE This Christmas?

If you’re looking for a gift that will stand the test of time and even change with the seasons, I’ve got a recommendation. About a year ago, I bought my first bag from MICHE (rhymes with fishy). Now, I’ve got what looks like three different purses in my wardrobe – but they are really 3 purses in 1. What makes the MICHE different from a regular purse?

It’s got an inner bag that holds all your valuables and a magnetic outer “shell” that you can switch out as often as you like. So far, I’ve got one classic bag and 3 shells (including the Ella in the photo). Here’s what I think of my experience with this handbag over the past 12 months:

The Classic Bag

Quality – This bag has stood up well to constant use. The construction and stitching are tight and the materials are of good quality. You can wipe down the faux leather components and brush out the fabric interior as needed to keep it clean.

Design – Nothing fancy, but it has everything you really need. There’s an elastic inner pocket for your cell phone, one for a wallet, and a zippered pocket for a checkbook and anything else you don’t want rattling around. MICHE does sell a bigger bag for those who need to carry more stuff.

The Shells

So far, I’ve owned the Vivien (now discontinued), the Ella, and the Adrian. The shimmering silver blue coating on the Vivien started to wear off at about 10 months and had to be retired. The “patent leather” Ella and Adrian appear to be made of sterner stuff. All 3 are absolutely gorgeous. The magnets hold the shell firmly in place throughout the day.

What’s New?

MICHE has got a hot new line of shells and accessories out for November with fuchsia as the prevailing color. These might just end up on the wish list of someone you know!

Full disclosure: I wish I was getting free swag or a bag of cash from MICHE for this review, but I’m not!

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