Are Coupons Really Worth It?

I have to confess, I’m only an occasional couponer. I go through coupon clipping sprees then get tired of it and go back to ignoring them. I’m not alone. Many people find that coupons are fun to use once in a while. They just aren’t ready to fully commit to the coupon lifestyle as part of their personal financial strategy. Here are the top reasons why:

  1. They find they buy items they would otherwise skip just because they have a coupon
  2. They have to buy in bulk in order to use the coupon
  3. They forget to use the coupons before they expire
  4. The coupons are for locations too far away for convenience
  5. They get tired of having to argue with checkers over whether a coupon is valid or stackable (even manufacturer’s coupons can’t necessarily be used at any store and many prohibit doubling and stacking)
  6. They have a hard time finding coupons for stuff they would actually use
  7. Most coupons are for name brand items that are still more expensive than store brand products
  8. The good coupons always seem to come along when their printer is out of ink or they’ve misplaced the scissors
  9. The time it takes to find coupons, clip them (or download them), organize them, and figure out if they are really worth using isn’t worth the effort

So, that’s 9 reasons not to use coupons regularly. Next week, we’ll look at ways to make the most out of couponing.

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