Virginia Driving School-A Review of 3 Top Schools in the Area

virginia driving school

If you are looking for a Virginia driving school then it’s probably safe to say that you want to become a better driver. With that being said, the additional reasons you are so anxious to find one may vary from person to person. Some people are looking to be more proactive about their techniques on the road and they’d like to improve on them. These types of motorists are probably looking to save some money on their auto insurance by showing their insurer that they have completed a state-approved course. Other drivers may want to find a driving school because they’ve been ordered to do so by the courts and they want to reduce a fine or points on the license. I’d like to talk about 3 driving schools in the Virginia area that could be right for you.

AA United Driving School

This first Virginia driving school is located at 5118 Bebe Ct.,Centerville, Va. There phone number is 703-968-8744 and their prices vary depending on the type of classes you’d like to take. Whatever class you opt for would take place over four Saturdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. They also offer separate drivers’ improvement courses on Sundays if you feel you need some extra help. A call to this company told me that they cater to a clientele of teenage drivers 19 and under. Furthermore, they only cater to English speaking students so if you speak another language, this may not be the place for you.

ALL Star Driving School

This second Virginia driving school has an address located at P.O. Box 1454, Annandale, Va. To contact them, you can call 703-680-0045. They’d like for you to call for details in order to find out a description of the types of programs they offer as well as the cost of said programs. They have been in business for 7 years and they will take non-English speaking drivers provided they bring their own interpreter. This is definitely an advantage over the last school we talked about.

Acme Driving School

This last Virginia driving school is located at 15210 Elkrum Rd., Chantilly, Va. They can be contacted at 703-263-1755 $265 and they seem to be the leader when it comes to experience. With over 57 years of instructional experience, they are committed to helping you achieve your driving goals. And unlike some schools that have taken their operations exclusively online, this school still offers behind-the-wheel training as their only method.

After looking at these Virginia driving schools, it is important to go with the one that is going to bring you the most benefits. The end-goal has to be saving money, fine reduction, point reduction, or just becoming a better driver. Be sure to keep this in mind as you move forward.

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