Shopping for a Wacky Gift? Try an iPhone App

Are you shopping for a great gag gift for a friend this holiday season? You might consider sending them an iPhone app that will raise eyebrows. Here, we’ll peruse some of the stranger options you could choose to give. There are about half a million apps available from which to choose. This list is just the tip of the iceberg:


This game lets you test the responsiveness of your touch screen – with your tongue. The game is simple. A food item appears on the screen and you see how fast you can lick it off. Chances are, you would never abuse your iPhone by actually tonguing it. But this is a hilarious app to send a friend. Tell them it’s the most fun since Angry Birds and that you play it all the time. See if you can get them to lick their iPhone. Be ready to capture the moment on video with your own iPhone when they do.


If you have a favorite niece or nephew who will be going on a long car ride over the holidays, here’s a great one to drive the parents crazy. The Annoyance app lets the user select from a wide range of ear grating sounds to set everyone’s teeth on edge. Nails on chalkboard, baby crying, jackhammer drilling, these are some of the wonderful sounds that could fill the inside of that SUV. Hiccups are probably the funniest. Imagine Mom and Dad looking over into the back seat to find out if their child is really about to win a world record for longest bout of hiccups ever.

Honey, It’s Me!

This South Korean App is the perfect gift for a buddy who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. You can show how much you care – or how much you enjoy watching him squirm. The digital girlfriend will call and leave winsome, tender messages on the recipient’s phone, slowly mending his broken heart. Sure, the little love notes are in Korean and not English, but there’s probably a translation app for that!

* Many of the weirdest apps are actually free (probably because they have no real value beyond a few cheap laughs). If you do want to buy an app for a friend, you can see step by step instructions for gifting an app here.

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