Medical Ethics of Plastic Surgery San Diego Experts

The perfect plastic surgeon finds means to cope with Hippocrates’s principle of doing no harm to patients while offering the patient what he/she is looking for. Plastic surgery San Diego professionals focus on sticking to the right medical ethics throughout their practice.

A plastic surgeon shouldn’t perform any procedure without taking the right consent from the patient. It is the duty of the plastic surgeon to thoroughly explain to the patient the procedure which is going to be performed. Explanation of the benefits, expected complications and other therapeutic alternatives should be carefully outlined to the patient before he/she can decide whether or not to perform a cosmetic procedure. If the patient is a minor, the consent of the legal guardians is necessary before performing any plastic procedures.

The plastic surgeon should accurately analyze the perceptions of the patient who is seeking plastic surgery. If the patient has a perception of his/her appearance that is unreal, the plastic surgeon should accurately address the psychological elements leading to the patient’s misperceptions. In other words, medical ethics entails that a plastic surgeon shouldn’t operate on patients who see themselves in a way that is different from what they actually are. The perfect plastic surgeon should ideally evaluate the condition of the patient along taking detailed medical and psychological history. This is an important step that would help the plastic surgeon formulate the right ethical decision for the patient’s condition.

Medical ethics dictate that a plastic surgeon should be accurate when addressing his/her areas of expertise. If the patient’s condition is complicated or demands more professional consultations, he/she should be honest enough to state that of the patient. It is unethical to perform procedures that a plastic surgeon has no adequate experience to perfectly accomplish. Moreover, if the surgeon is going to perform new techniques, or procedures that weren’t adequately tested, the patient should be informed and he/she should approve of such techniques or procedures.

Plastic surgery San Diego experts abide by the medical ethics that are universally accepted. Accordingly, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to one of those plastic surgeons to decide which cosmetic procedure is perfect for your condition.

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