Would You Take Home Protection This Far?

Did you catch the Rachel Ray segment on home protection systems a couple of weeks ago? It certainly goes to show that some vendors are putting a lot of thought into how to really keep burglars out – or make sure they leave ASAP if they do bust in to your house. Some of these high tech gadgets go way beyond an alarm system. For example, there’s a fog cannon that’s designed to confuse and frighten intruders. The fog is non-toxic which makes it a good option if you have pets at home and don’t want them negatively affected by this deterrent.

If you’re more worried about someone breaking in while you’re at home, there’s actually a low tech option that can prevent your door from being kicked in. The OnGARD brace fits into slots in the floor at the base of the door. Even if a strong kick knocks out the deadbolt completely, the door still won’t swing open. A determined burglar could, of course, seek entry through another opening like a window. But by then, you’ve already retrieved your shotgun or called the police.

Besides these sensible home defense options, the market is also flooded with wackier stuff. Check out this blog post for more unusual residential protection devices – including one that’s supposed to annoy burglars with a high pitched buzzing sound. Perhaps the noise is designed to make the burglar slap himself silly trying to kill an imaginary mosquito?