San Diego Recycling

San Diego recycling

Recently, the San Diego recycling movement has taken big steps forward. Along with the traditional mix of paper, glass, and aluminum products which are typically found in big blue recycling bins across the county, local waste collection service provider EDCO has increased the types of acceptable recycling items. Now, residents can add all types of plastic marked 1 through 7 to the bin, including rigid plastics like fast food meal toys and lawn furniture.

Also in place are new San Diego recycling options for items which previously had no place to go other than the landfill. Foam packing material including peanuts and other molded polystyrene padding can be brought to locations throughout the county which will accept these items for free and ensure they are recycled into new post-consumer products. Home chefs and restaurant owners no longer have to struggle with disposal of used cooking oil. Also accepted at EDCO’s drop-off locations, used cooking oil in leak proof containers can be dropped off for shipment to a refining plant which turns everyday frying grease into clean biodiesel fuel.

Of course, there is always one recycling option that finds favor across the board, helping cash-strapped consumers and non-profit organizations in one motion. Donate gently used goods to the local charitable organization of your choice including Salvation Army, Goodwill, Amvets, or local housing shelters and faith-based organizations. Recycling used household items, clothing and furniture through donation is a generous way to extend their lifetime outside of the landfill.