Post Christmas Pet Crisis

It’s a dog’s life for dogs and cats after the Christmas holiday. These animals make some of the world’s worst Christmas presents – but that’s not their fault. Many families buy a pet on impulse during this time of year, only to discover that it wasn’t a good decision. Yes, it’s tempting to give in to your child’s repeated requests for a puppy or kitten. But when the reality of soiled carpets, wrecked furniture, and pet hair sets in, many new owners end up taking the pet to the pound. Or, even worse, they simply release it outside to fend for itself.

Animal shelters are often overflowing with unwanted pets in late December and early January. If you are an experienced pet owner or have been seriously considering adopting an animal companion for a while, this is an ideal time to find just the right fit. Want to have a better idea of what’s involved? Find out with this in-depth article by

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