Making use of that spare room

spare room

Spare rooms are wonderful places, because they can be all things to all people. So often these rooms are wasted and used as dumping grounds for junk that can’t be stored elsewhere. Exploiting the full potential of a spare room can really improve the way a home functions for those who live in it.


One of the most important things to remember about a spare room is the extra space and flexibility it provides regarding sleeping arrangements. Don’t forget; when guests visit or if the house is to be marketed for resale, the spare room will be viewed as a real asset. To save space and retain flexibility the best furnishing option in a spare room is a sofa bed, a piece of furniture that neatly covers both seating and sleeping arrangements with the minimum of fuss. The rest of the design of the spare room is dependent upon what it is going to be used for. Here are some inspirational ideas for putting that idle space to work:


Media room


Reserving a room specifically for the use of video games, viewing films and listening to music, will prevent them from taking over the rest of the house. Much loved by teens and adults alike, a media room helps limit noise disruption and arguments over TV. In addition to all the technical gadgetry make sure the room has thick drapes, comfortable seating, adequate shelving and storage for games; and possibly a fridge for cold drinks and snacks.




Why not turn that spare room into a home gym? With so much sophisticated gym machinery now being available to buy, why not save on gym membership and get fit at home? Whether it’s a treadmill, weights, rowing machine or perhaps all three, if there is enough open space in the room and the floor is strong enough to support the weight, a fitness room makes great use of redundant space. Keep color schemes light and bright and have unobstructed eye lines out of the windows. Finally, install a music system to help with motivation and keeping up a good working tempo.



Craft and hobby studio


Spare rooms can make the perfect spaces for craft and hobby activities. Working at the kitchen table will be a thing of the past once a spare room has been commandeered for use. Having a dedicated workspace will make craft projects much easier; being able to leave half-finished pieces undisturbed on a worktable saves so much time. Make sure that the lighting is exceptional and that workbench, seating and storage are well thought out to maximize comfort and practicality.


Meditation room


Who doesn’t need to de-compress every now and then? Turn that neglected spare room into a stress relieving sanctuary stocked with scented candles, cushions, yoga mats, relaxing music and serene colors. Close the door on stress and discover a place to meditate quietly and without interruption.


Of course, there are many other identities a spare room can assume. How about play room, home office, library, music room or dressing room, for starters? Why not lick that spare room into shape and start enjoying the benefits of an exciting new space in the home?