Buyer’s guide to cars for golfers

cars for golfers

Sometimes finding the perfect car can be challenging. There is so much that goes into deciding on a vehicle and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. There are so many different styles and types of cars on the market today, and golfers especially need to have the right car for the job of carrying all their precious golf equipment around! With so many factors going into choosing the right car, this guide will take any golfer through some important aspects of choosing the best vehicle to suit his or her needs.


There are five main things for people to consider when buying a car:


1.) Choosing a vehicle with adequate trunk space


Every golfer has precious and expensive playing equipment, and wants it to last as long as possible. Individuals with a lot of equipment need to choose a vehicle with the amount of trunk space to fit their needs. Nobody wants his or her expensive and important clubs being cramped up or thrown around in the car while driving. When choosing a vehicle, a golfer needs to make sure that the trunk has ample space for their belongings.


2.) Thinking about the amount of people who will need to fit in the car


No golfer likes to go play alone, as there’s always room for competition! An important thing to think about when choosing a vehicle is the amount of people space needed to carry friends or family. If someone has a big family, and a lot of equipment it makes sense to buy an suv like the ones at Mercedes, because there is a lot of precious cargo aboard. SUVs come with a variety of safety features including some active safety features. These include: driver and side-impact airbags, anti-lock breaks, anti-skid systems, all-wheel drive, and four-wheel independent suspension. There are also passive safety features including: the vehicle’s body structure, airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, as well as force limiters.


3.) Choosing the right in-car gadgets for your needs


In-car gadgets can be the most exciting thing about choosing a vehicle these days, as there are some amazing things car manufacturers have thought about. Some gadgets that potential purchasers have to figure out whether they would enjoy include a sunroof for their SUV, heated seats, a rear-view video camera for backing out, or a built-in GPS system; the options are numerous.


4.) Getting the best fuel efficiency out there


Gas prices keep rising and everyone is looking to save some money on gasoline. SUVs can be big vehicles, so finding one with the best fuel efficiency is important! Some important factors that go into getting the best fuel efficiency out there include the following:


  • Displacement – This is the volume of air that the engine consumes in one revolution. It’s described in liters and the more air that goes through the engine the more fuel is used. This is why all those four-cylinder vehicles are getting such great gas mileage, because they take in less air. Engines with six or eight cylinders, (also known as V6’s and V8’s), will use a lot more gas because of the high amount of air passing through the engine.


  • Weight – Displacement is not the only thing contributing to that gas mileage figure. The weight of the vehicle itself plays a massive role in the amount of gasoline it needs to get up and go. The less a vehicle weighs, the less energy it will take to make it get up hills and move down the road. With many SUV’s and big trucks weighing in at five thousand pounds and up, one can see just how this could affect the gas mileage in a big way when compared to the tiny cars that barely tip the scale.



  • Aerodynamics – This is another factor in determining how much gas is needed to get a vehicle down the road. It is easiest to think about aerodynamics by remembering that it is all about how the vehicle will move through the air. The slimmer and sleeker the shape of the vehicle, the easier it will move through the air. If a vehicle has a lot of vertical surface area in the front end, the more fuel it takes and the harder

the engine has to work to push all the air out of its way. Vehicle manufacturers spend a considerable amount of time tweaking and playing around with different styles so that the aerodynamics of the car will function at peak performance.


5.) Driving in style


It is desirable to own a vehicle that makes the driver feel they are in style and driving something powerful. Everyone wants to look rich and powerful, and there’s no better way to do that than by someone buying a vehicle that makes him or her feel like a million bucks. With so many colors to choose from and styles to select, it’s very easy for someone to choose the right color and style that suits his or her needs!


It can be a bit overwhelming when trying to find the vehicle of your dreams that will be both functional and useful in all of the many aspects of life. These tips are just a few examples of how to choose a vehicle to suit the needs of any driver, especially all the golfers out there! It helps to make a list of all the important aspects of life that you will need to consider when thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. That way, you can carry the list with you while shopping for a car and you won’t then forget what is important when talking to salesmen. It is essential to buy the vehicle you actually want to buy, and not be talked into buying something you are not interested in.


A keen golfer will be able to find a suitable vehicle quite easily; it’s just a matter of taking some time to find the perfect fit.