Ways to Cope with Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time giveth, and it taketh away. Spring is the time when we “lose” an hour of sleep and have to set our clocks forward. This is also probably the Sunday each year when record numbers of church goers get to service embarrassingly late. For those who work weekends, there’s no extra day to adjust to the abrupt change in schedule at all. How can we cope better with this sudden disruption in the space/time continuum? Here are just a few tips:

  • Stick close to home on the weekend leading up to the time change. Use this period to adjust your eating and sleeping habits in advance of DST.
  • Open your bedroom blinds or curtains. Let more sunlight in early in the morning to help you wake up more easily.
  • Learn to take power naps. Tools like Hemi Sync’s “Catnapper” CD can put you out like a light for 30 minutes and then wake you back up on cue. This may help you make up for lost sleep without making you feel groggy during the day.
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