Top 3 Winter Skin Care Tips

According to more than one weather prognosticator, this winter is shaping up to be particularly cold and snowy. The folks at website that “low solar activity levels, the negative Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), and the general trend for a much colder winter after the onset of last year’s La Niña” are to blame. If you understood that last sentence, congratulations: you are an official Weather Channel nerd! While this year’s chilly temperatures may cut to the bone, it’s our skin that takes the biggest beating. Here are 3 tips for protecting your skin from the elements so you can still look dewy and fresh when Spring arrives:

Greasy Skin is In

Low humidity, sharp winds, and freezing cold can dry your skin out faster than a siesta in the Sahara. You want to keep your skin’s natural oils in place (at least to some extent) to protect your delicate epidermis. This means cutting back on astringents like salicylic acid and moisture sucking beauty treatments such as clay masks. Pick a hydrating cleanser instead. Add a non-pore clogging moisturizer for your face and slather oil or glycerin based lotions and creams on the rest of your body. Do you need an old fashioned chapped hand remedy? Coat your hands with petroleum jelly and slip tube socks over them for an all-night treatment.

Remember This Isn’t Alaska

Near the North Pole, the sun may go down at 4 in the afternoon during November. But in most of the U.S., we’re still getting plenty of sunshine. This means you need to wear sunscreen if you’re spending time outside. Wear at least 15 SPF lotion on your face and hands daily. If you’re indulging in winter sports like skiing or extreme snowman construction, use a higher SPF on all exposed body parts. This includes spreading SPF lip balm on your kisser. You don’t want to be all chapped when it’s time to bring out the mistletoe next month.

Always Bundle Up

Layers are your friend when Old Man Winter starts howling around your door. The Scottish highlanders of old may have been comfortable in a breezy kilt and bare legs in the winter, but you need a little more coverage. Protect yourself from cold winds with insulating textiles. Put cotton and other comfortable materials next to your skin so you don’t get a rash. Stash an extra jacket in your car and put some gloves and a hat in your handbag or briefcase for those days that start out fine and then turn suddenly chilly.

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