Health Scares in the News Part 5

Talk about triggering men’s most deep seated fears! The recent rash of health scares over electronic devices that can kill sperm is a prime example of the kind of news headlines that ensure a click through. Last year, the culprit was the humble laptop. Leave one propped on your lap for a few hours and it can warm up those little swimmers too much for comfort. Now, there might be an added risk from Wi-Fi. Internet connectivity apparently increases the electromagnetic radiation output of the laptop. Coupled with the heat generated by the computer, the exposure knocked out the motility of 25% of the sperm in test samples from 29 study participants (in control samples, only 14% of sperm stopped moving). In addition 9% of the “nuked” sperm showed an increase in DNA damage 3 times that in the control samples.

Like most studies of this kind, there’s still no actual evidence linking laptop use to lower fertility rates in men. Although the research makes for a great news story, fertility experts remain unconvinced about the significance of these findings – especially since the sperm wasn’t even in the subjects’ bodies any longer when it was exposed to the laptop. You can read more analysis over at MSN.

The truth is that using a laptop on your lap can contribute to problems from a heat-related rash called erythema ab igne to poor posture. So, you should probably be using a more ergonomically friendly computer anyway.

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