Health Scares in the News Part 2

This next health scare touches one of America’s deepest fears – fat! According to one Yale survey of about 4000 participants, 5% said they would rather lose a limb than be overweight. That’s one way to shed extra pounds. When there’s that level of dread associated with having a body size our society deems unacceptable, it’s no wonder that the news is always full of dire warnings about what makes us gain weight. Here’s one of the most outrageous:

Fat Might Be Contagious!

This is a particularly nefarious fluff piece. Say it with us, “Correlation does not equal causation”. The author of this piece even admits that the increase in body weight associated with this “fat virus” was limited to a 3 month period of weight gain. How that has any bearing on the supposed obesity crisis is a bit foggy, no?

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