Health Scares in the News Part 1

Nothing sells in the news like a hearty dose of fear. We just love being scared out of our wits by stories about how something or other that was previously considered benign can kill us if we don’t watch out. A lot of these news pieces are based on junk science or draw conclusions so far removed from the actual data as to be meaningless. In most cases, our world didn’t just get more dangerous – and we probably aren’t much safer just because we keep up with the latest headlines.

This series is dedicated to the most outrageous health scare headlines from the past few years. Is our obsession with health scares healthy? You decide.

Brain Eating Amoebas!

Admit it, you’d never even heard of a “neti pot” before this story came out. Now, you’re scared to breathe when you turn on the tap because you’re afraid of accidentally inhaling zombie microbes! Not to worry. Visit Dr. Pullen’s blog and get a dose of common sense advice from someone who obviously still has a fully functioning brain.

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