FDA’s Appoints New Supplement Guy

In October, the FDA released an update about its newest major appointee – Daniel Fabricant. Dr. Fabricant has a Ph.D. in the little known field of pharmacognosy, the study of medicines derived from natural sources. Prior to accepting a position as the head of the Division of Dietary Supplements at the FDA, he worked for many years in the supplement industry. Some people have objected to the appointment of a man who is viewed as friendly to the industry he will now be tasked with regulating. Others feel he’s the right choice because he is knowledgeable about the industry.

Fabricant doesn’t plan to shut down or severely restrict the supplement market. Instead, his main goals are to keep companies honest and promote compliance with proper manufacturing processes by enforcing existing regulations. You’ll likely still be able to get most of your favorite vitamins and herbal products without a problem. But consumers can expect to see lifestyle supplements that make suspicious claims about weight loss or sexual enhancement coming under increased FDA scrutiny during Fabricant’s tenure.

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