Curly Hair Care Tips

Did you know that 40% of women in the US have curly hair? Some of this hair is kinky, some of it is wavy, and a few people have spiral curls like Shirley Temple. You might even have more than one kind of curly hair on your head! Regardless of what type of curly hair texture you have, you probably know the pain of working with hair that doesn’t like to follow the rules. If you’ve decided to go natural, here are a few ways you can make your hair care a little easier:

  • Curly hair has a scaly surface (at the microscopic level) that allows moisture to evaporate rapidly. This means you should stay away from hair dryers and straightening irons if you want to keep your hair in good shape.
  • Only shampoo your hair every other day (at most). You can condition your hair every day if you like, but don’t strip out your hair’s natural oil with shampoo more than 3 times a week.
  • Avoid any hair products that contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals since these dry and fry your hair too. Find a product that is a curl enhancer instead. For best results, pick one that can be rewetted and finger styled as needed so you don’t have to wash it out and start over every day.
  • Get your hair cut when it is dry so your stylist doesn’t accidentally take off too much (your hair looks much longer when it’s wet). Ask for texturizing if your hair is short or layers if it is long. These cuts enhance your hair’s natural curl while taking out a little of the thickness that makes it unmanageable.
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