Seattle Car Insurance – 5 Things You Should Do Before Signing Up For Your Next Policy

seattle car insurance


Finding and getting a good deal on car insurance in Seattle really relies on how you prepare to receive a policy that will truly be beneficial to you and your insurer. In preparing to save some cash on coverage there are several things that you can do in order to lower the amount of money you have to spend monthly. This article will examine 5 of the actions that you can start taking right now to save some serious bucks.


Buckling Up for Safety

Number one on the list of things you can do save cash on Seattle car insurance is to get into the habit of buckling up for safety. While most states have made this a mandatory thing for people to do if they what to drive, it is still surprising how many people refuse or forget to wear their seat belts when in the car. In fact, having auto-seatbelts could actually qualify for certain discounts with some insurers.


Protect Your Ride From Theft

2nd on the list of actions you can take in order to save money on Seattle car insurance is to protect your ride from theft. You can qualify for major discounts on your coverage policies by doing things like installing alarm and tracking systems, employing the use of steering-wheel locks, and having important components of your vehicle etched with your VIN (vehicle identification number). Doing these things will deter thieves and make recovery easier in the event your car is ever stolen.


Take Advantage of Your Associations

Number three on the list of ways you can save some coin on your next Seattle car insurance policy is to join a group, club, or association that could help you qualify for discounts. This could be through your job, a hobby group, and even a place like your bank. If you already belong to such an organization, be sure to ask if they have an inside track on getting discounts on auto protection. Better yet, check the websites of major insurers to see which groups they are extending savings to.


Take a Defensive Driving Course

4th on the list of action steps you can take in order to save on Seattle car insurance is to take a defensive driving course. Insurers have been known to give significant discounts to people that take these types of courses on their own, without having to be mandated by a court of law to do so. These courses have to be on a list approved by your insurer to qualify. They can also be taken online or in person and you’ll need a certificate of completion shown to your insurance company in order to prove your participation.


Modern Is Better

The final thing you can do in order to get discounts on your next Seattle car insurance policy is to keep your vehicle up-to-date when it comes to safety. Features like daytime running lights and anti-lock brakes will not only keep you safe on the road, but they will also help you reap savings on your insurance.

­­­These simple action steps will help you keep more cash in your pocket whenever you decide get a new policy.


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