Save Money with Appropriate Regifting

Many people consider regifting an enormous social faux pas during the holiday season. In fact, there’s even a song about it “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. The very next day, you gave it away.” But there are some situations when passing on a present is OK. Here are three ways to get it right.

  1. Is the gift a really great fit for the recipient you have in mind? Don’t hesitate to tell the truth about its provenance. A good friend won’t be offended if you say “Hey, someone gave these season tickets to me; but it really seemed like something you would enjoy more than I would.” You still get kudos for being thoughtful.
  2. Has someone given you a stuffed animal, costume jewelry, or other decorative kitsch you don’t have any use for? Regift it to a child who wasn’t on your gift giving list this year as an unexpected surprise. Kids don’t care how much money (if any) you spent on their present.
  3. Is there a Secret Santa or other holiday party at work where you aren’t expected to blow a large amount of cash on a gift? These are great opportunities to offload unwanted presents. If there’s a White Elephant party, you can even regift items that you think are ugly or tacky. Trust me, everyone does this!
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