Tips for Hiring After a Long Freeze

After the slash and burn of downsizing or the long decline of a hiring freeze, it can actually be challenging to get back into the swing of hiring again. How can hiring managers get out of a rut and back on top of their game – finding the best and brightest talent for their business? Here are 3 tips that may help:

Try Something New

It’s fine to revisit your old haunts to look for job candidates. But things are changing rapidly in the world of recruiting. If you haven’t tried using newer resources like LinkedIn to source qualified employees, now is a good time to give it a try. If your business has never participated in a job fair, get involved.

Get Help

Consider contracting with a reputable recruiting firm to jumpstart your hiring. This is one way to ensure you are meeting the headcount needs of your department managers fast without sacrificing quality. You don’t pay anything unless the recruiting agency delivers. So, there’s little risk involved.

Offer Incentives

According to this article at MSNBC, job openings are at a 3 year high right now. This means the competition for good workers is likely to be fierce. You may need to negotiate higher pay to land the job candidates you really want. You can also focus on making the work environment better for everyone. This contributes to satisfaction among existing employees and makes the workplace more appealing for new hires as well.

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