Should You Close Your Business for Christmas Week?

If you own a small business, deciding whether to shut down for the holidays is one of those decisions that revolves around a lot of pros and cons. Some companies just close for a day or two before or after Christmas. Others take off the whole period from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. Here are 10 questions that can help you clarify whether you are making the right decision.

  1. Do my customers need or expect me to be open?
  2. Will my vendors or distributors be open so I can get work done?
  3. Will my employees have enough work to do, or will they be bored?
  4. Is this a good time to do inventory or accounting tasks?
  5. Am I expecting any important shipments/deliveries?
  6. Will my employees enjoy having the extra time off, or would they prefer to get paid?
  7. Is bad weather likely to make me shut down anyway?
  8. Are too many of my key employees on vacation to make it worthwhile staying open?
  9. Is closing up for a week in line with my company’s image/branding strategy?
  10. Will work pile up while everyone is gone, leading to a stressful start of the New Year?
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