Vessel Monitoring System

Vessel Monitoring System

A vessel monitoring system or VMS is a system that is used on commercial fishing boats. What a vessel monitoring system does is help environmental and fishery regulatory organizations keep track of what is happening on these boats. The VMS is a great tool to properly regulating and understand the fisheries industry in its entirety, and it is a great tool that should be used every fishing season.

Generally, in the very least, a vessel monitoring system measures the position, the time the vessel was at that position, and the speed and direction of the vessel. By doing this, they can monitor where the vessels are fishing, and at those locations what they are catching, which makes documenting what is caught where a lot easier. You don’t want to have to make a fisherman stop and write down where they were and what they caught. It simplifies the process a lot.

For the most part, if a vessel monitoring system is required, they will help subsidize them. Vessel monitoring systems are extremely expensive to purchase, plus, once you purchase them, they have ongoing costs and maintenance that must be done. By subsidizing, countries can be sure that their fishermen will actually purchase and use the equipment. If they also will help with upkeep, they will continue to get the information that they need.

Some countries are a lot stricter with what they want to vessel monitoring system, the European Union for example has a lot of regulations and rules that the vessels must meet if they are going to fish in their waters. These regulations help them best understand the fisheries industry and keep the fisheries industry regulated so that there is a constant supply of fish that will never be depleted. Or, that is the goal at least.

If you are looking for a way to monitor fishing vessels, a vessel monitoring system is a great idea. In some areas, this is already required and supplemented by the government. Of course, this is only for commercial vessels. Be sure to take a look at the rules and regulations and see what you need.

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